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United Plugins QuickBass : Can One Plugin Really Do It All?

Hey Sonics!

How is everyone doing today? I had a very productive day yesterday with my next release. I think the structure and core body of the production is now done. Sticking to my planned release schedule of a new single every 3 months hasn't been easy, but so far I'm managing to keep pace with it. far.

In this week's Tobisonics episode, we're taking a look at a brand new plugin from United Plugins, QuickBass. United Plugins say that QuickBass is an all in one solution for bass mixing/processing. What I want to know is, can one plugin really do it all?

In order to find out, we're going to be putting the QuickBass up against three different basslines taken from my own productions. Can I use the QuickBass to beat the original processing in my productions? Let's find out...

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