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Cinematic Electronics

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Can you hear the Sonics?

Download my solo sonics for free

Lessons Learned Working the Recovery

Frustrated by the inherently passive nature of the playlist ecosystem and the accompanying social media grind, I have decided to opt out and give my music away for free via my website. Moreover, I find that streaming has become prohibitive to music creation. I want to make music that grabs your attention and challenges you to engage with ideas and activism in a broader context. I need my own platform.

Can you see the Sonics?

Behind the sonics

It is only now, forty years later, I realize growing up watching reruns of Star Trek instilled in me a set of values I have carried my whole life.  It is those values that have compelled me to make “90 Seconds to Midnight”.

My musical journey had a rocky start. I was part of various indie guitar bands during my tumultuous teenage years but drifted away from music in my early 20s as I grappled with the aspiration of filmmaking and undiagnosed mental health issues. By my mid-30s, I was at a dead-end, facing severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

A last roll-of-the-dice appointment with a psychiatrist led to regular therapy sessions and, within the year, medication.  As the depression began to lift, I found myself flooded with years of repressed emotions.  I set up a rudimentary home recording studio, the slow grind of my recovery and music-making evolving together.

In October 2022, I released my debut album, “We Need Light in the Dark”. I wanted to make an album that gave people hope; an album that said, the worse things get, the more we need to find the wonder in life.  In these difficult times, optimism isn’t naive, it’s imperative to our survival.

By December 2022, I found myself increasingly frustrated by the inherently passive nature of a playlist ecosystem that encourages muzak rather than music, and the perpetual social hustle to hawk said muzak.

I needed to create a more active, educational, and socially aware musical experience, where social posts, video, and web content would educate and inform, each an act of advocacy in their own right.  “90 Seconds to Midnight” is a charity single, a musical experience, an immersive documentary, and an advocacy project.

I was nominated for Radio WigWam Best Electro Act 2021.  My music has been played by DJ Tobi Lynn of Amazing Radio US, and featured in Fresh on the Net’s Fresh Faves [Batch 390].  My music has also attracted the attention of Abbie McCarthy [BBC Radio 1] “Enjoyed listening to this, ace production 👏🏼” and Jaguar [BBC Intro Dance Radio 1/Mix mag] “This is everything. I want more.”

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