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alt/Art Pop Artist-Producer & remixer


“Tobisonics skillfully employs a colorful kaleidoscope of sultry keyboards, mesmerizing beats and a mix of glittery and spacey looped synths to create a lush and captivating soundscape"

"Every time you hear it, you hear something new almost. I couldn’t get enough of it..."

Tobi Bio

Luxembourg-based alt/Art-pop artist-Producer & remixer Tobi aka Tobisonics re-discovered his love making music in his mid-30s after losing nearly 2 decades to chronic anxiety/depression.  A breakdown finally forced Tobi to face-up to the dire reality of his condition and seek out a physiatrist.


As the slow process of therapy and medication began to take hold; and with it, the anxiety/depression began to subside, Tobi picked up his old battered Fender Telecaster and the songs just fell out of him.  Fearing he’d forget them, Tobi bought a simple 2 in/2 out USB audio interface and started to record.


Now in his early 40s, frustrated by the streaming platforms assigning him a new “Tobi” profile with every new remix, Tobi decided upon the name Tobisonics.  “I wanted something awesome, but stupid, but awesome” Tobi explains.  And with the Tobisonics name, Tobi finally found the confidence to release his first solo production, “All My Things”.


“Pop as a genre has been much devalued by lazy and indifferent practitioners motivated by ambition rather than any love for or understanding of the genre.  I believe pop can be challenging, inspired, and fiercely original.  It needn’t be bland or formulaic.  We need only push ourselves as creators to imagine a better standard.”


When not making music as Tobisonics, Tobi works as a mastering engineer and spends his free time in support of the Independent Music scene as a moderator for Fresh on the Net (run by Tom Robinson of BBC Radio 6) and curating his own under-the-radar playlist, “New Independent Music Friday”.  


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