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Tobisonics All These Things Cover Art Me
Tobisonics Military Industrial Complex C


Electronic pop independent noise


“Tobisonics skillfully employs a colorful kaleidoscope of sultry keyboards, mesmerizing beats and a mix of glittery and spacey looped synths to create a lush and captivating soundscape"

"Every time you hear it, you hear something new almost. I couldn’t get enough of it..."

Tobi Bio

Luxembourg-based alt-pop-electro artist-producer Tobisonics re-discovered his love making music in his mid-30s after losing nearly 2 decades to chronic anxiety/depression.  A breakdown finally forced him to face up to the dire reality of his condition and seek out a psychiatrist.  As the slow process of therapy began, so did the return to music-making.


“When I’m depressed I struggle to hear the music inside of me.” 


He started to release remixes under the name, “Tobi”, but with every new remix, the streaming platforms would create a new profile or accredit his work to another “Tobi” (on Deezer, his remixes were credited to an Austrian Accordion Player).  This made it impossible to build momentum between releases; frustrated, he decided upon the name Tobisonics. 


“All Tobisonics really means is Tobi sounds.  And that’s how I think of myself, as a noisemaker, rather than a musician.”


Tobisonics released his first solo production, “All My Things” in March 2020.  The release represented a major step-up in terms of production quality and artistic identity; Tobi finding the building of lyrics out of deconstructed vocal samples surprisingly liberating.


“There’s something freeing about expressing yourself through someone else’s words and voice.”    


His follow-up release “Military Industrial Complex” is due out at the beginning of October 2020.  A politically-charged dose of driving electronics, fierce percussive grooves, and striking sound design, that sets the words of Presidents Eisenhower and Trump in stark and telling contrast.


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