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Cinematic pop Artist Producer

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"Pop needn’t be dull, predictable, or generic. Pop can be challenging and odd, difficult and complex.  It is, all too often, superficial.  Pop is capable of a great depth of meaning." 

about Me

Nominated Radio WigWam Best Electro Act 2021, UK-Born/Luxembourg-Based Cinematic Pop Artist/Producer, Tobisonics has been played by DJ Tobi Lynn of Amazing Radio US, featured in Fresh on the Net’s Fresh Faves [Batch 390], as well as attracting the attention of Abbie McCarthy [BBC Radio 1] “Enjoyed listening to this, ace production 👏🏼” and Jaguar [BBC Intro Dance Radio 1/Mix mag] “This is everything. I want more.”


Having spent his increasingly volatile teenage years in a series of awful/awesome indie guitar bands; music-making fell away in his early 20s, as Tobi struggled with his childhood dream of becoming a filmmaker.  He became evermore socially isolated, as he wrestled with his, as yet undiagnosed, mental health problems.  By his mid-30s, Tobi felt trapped in a maze, each turn leading to thoughts of suicide.


A last roll-of-the-dice appointment with a Psychiatrist led to regular therapy sessions and, within the year, medication.  As the depression began to lift, Tobi found himself flooded with years of repressed emotions; he set up a rudimentary home recording studio, the slow grind of his recovery and music-making evolving together


“I’m touched by his willingness to expose himself to the world through his music, and I hope this album will speak to others who’ve experienced similar mental health struggles…” [Eclectic Music Blog]


Friday 7th October, Tobi released his debut album, ‘We Need Light in the Dark’ [Bostin Radio's Album of the Month - Nov 2022].  A seven-track “funk monster” [Up To Hear Music Blog] of driving Giorgio-esque synth-bass grooves, Daft Punk-cool vocoders and recycled voices, framed by cinematic production & arrangement; drawing comparisons to The Chemical Brothers, Erasure, and Grimes.


"I wanted to make an album that gave people hope; an album that said, the worse things get, the more we need to find the wonder in life.  In these difficult times, optimism isn’t naive, it’s imperative to our survival.”


In late 2022, Tobi teamed up with UK Synthpop duo Lines of Flight to remix their passion project, “Becoming Bear” [due out this year].  And Tobi is in the fourth and final month of production on his cinematic pop mini-epic, “It’s 90 Seconds to Midnight”, intended to raise awareness of The Doomsday Clock and the bombing of Hiroshima.


“Pop needn’t be dull, predictable, or generic.  Pop can be challenging and odd, difficult and complex.  It is, all too often, superficial.  Pop is capable of a great depth of meaning.” 

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