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Tobisonics All These Things Cover Art Me
Tobisonics Military Industrial Complex C


Electronic pop noise

thAnk you to these radio stations & shows for their continued support in sharing my music


"it sounds like a revolution, and one for the better"

“Tobisonics skillfully employs a colorful kaleidoscope of sultry keyboards, mesmerizing beats and a mix of glittery and spacey looped synths to create a lush and captivating soundscape"

"Highly experimental and intelligent as it is unique."

"Every time you hear it, you hear something new almost. I couldn’t get enough of it..."

about Me

2020 saw Luxembourg-based electro-synthwave artist Tobisonics release his debut solo productions “All These Things” & “Military Industrial Complex”; attracting the attention of tastemaker DJ Tobi Lynn of Amazing Radio US & earning a spot of KGUP’s daily rotation; plus features across scores of respected independent radio shows, including Exile FM’s Trust the Doc (FOTN Moderator Neil March), Artefaktor’s Sneak Peek, Wig Wam’s BandWagon.


Produced, mixed and mastered entirely in DIY Home Studios, Tobisonics productions have earned a reputation for an uncompromising standard of production; with glowing praise from BBC Radio DJs Abbie McCarthy (BBC Radio 1 & BBC Kent) “Enjoyed listening to this, ace production 👏🏼” and Kitty Perrin (BBC Norfolk) “Really cool production on this. Got a really dark quality to it!”; and attract regular comparisons to Daft Punk, The Crystal Method, Leftfield, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.


Tobi re-discovered his love making music in his mid 30s after losing nearly 2 decades to chronic anxiety/depression.  A breakdown finally forced him to face-up to the dire reality of his condition and seek out a psychiatrist.  As the slow process of therapy began, so did the return to music-making.


“When I’m depressed I struggle to hear the music inside of me.” 


He started to release remixes under the name, “Tobi”, but with every new remix, the streaming platforms would create a new profile or accredit his work to another “Tobi” (on Deezer, his remixes were credited to an Austrian Accordion Player).  This made it impossible to build momentum between releases; frustrated, he decided upon the name Tobisonics


“All Tobisonics really means is Tobi sounds.  And that’s how I think of myself, as a noisemaker, rather than a musician.”


Wednesday, January 20th 2021.  Tobisonics announces the release of “Eye of the Storm”; an 80s inspired anthem of hope, a barnstorming dose of electro-synth retro-wave to raise people up, after the stress, the worry, the fear and the pain of 2020. Sampling President John F Kennedy’s famous inauguration speech with vocals & words from London-based Hip Hop Artist Costi (ft. on BBC Intro Mixtape, Radio 6).


“Eye of the Storm” is Tobi’s first collaboration in what he refers to as “the year of collaboration”, with three more projects planned for 2021.

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