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Military Industrial Complex

Tobisonic's follow-up release “Military Industrial Complex” was released in October 2020. A politically-charged dose of driving electronics, fierce percussive grooves, and striking sound design, that sets the words of Presidents Eisenhower and Trump in stark and telling contrast.

Military Industrial Complex

Military Industrial Complex


"An immensely compelling track featuring a dramatic and pulsating groove that magnifies the chilling words contained in the speeches."

"Highly experimental and intelligent as it is unique."

Luxembourg-based alt-electro-pop artist Tobisonics delivers a politically-charged dose of driving electronics, fierce percussive grooves, and striking sound design with new release, “Military Industrial Complex”.

In this, the follow-up to his debut single, “All These Things”, the reclusive producer sets President Eisenhower’s 1961 Farewell Address to the American people against President Trump’s Rose Garden speech in reaction to the Black Lives Matter protests (June 1st, 2020).

Eisenhower, five-star general & Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force in World War II, who planned & supervised the invasion of Normandy in 1944-45, and went on to become Supreme Commander of NATO (1950 - 1952); who, while recognizing the need for the Military-Industrial Complex, warns of the need for perpetual vigilance to safeguard the liberties of the American people in, what is, a nuanced and prophetic speech.

And Trump, the real estate mogul/reality TV star who avoided the Vietnam draft thanks to an apparent bone spur in his foot; who talks of dominating the streets, as he announces plans to deploy thousands of heavily armed military personnel into the cities and towns of America.

Tobisonics skillfully constructs a dynamic electronic production around the two highly contrasting speeches; the groove and pulse of the track present throughout, as he blends elements of sound design & vocal FX with filtered piano & shifting ambient.


The 2 min 47-sec track punctuated by its driving chorus of synth-wave and fierce percussion; a robo-vox mantra of the world’s 5 biggest arms manufacturers delivered in rhythmic roll call.

“I’d finished the production back in July and was looking for the right Artist to add vocals, but then I remembered Eisenhower’s Farewell Address.  The contrast between the dignified, nuanced, and hopeful tone of Eisenhower’s speech and the macho, antagonistic, and fatalistic language of Trump’s speech was so striking, I know I had to put them together.”

“Military Industrial Complex” is to be released exclusively via Bandcamp on “Bandcamp Friday”, October 2nd, before being available across all streaming platforms on the following Friday, October 9th.  

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