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UVI Augmented Piano Demo

Hello, Kiddies!

On today's Tobisonics, we're going to be taking a look at the UVI Augmented Piano. And rather than do just another demo, we're going to have a go at making a track using just the Augmented Piano.

We've got the tried and true set of Cubase loops and we've got Cubase stock drums, but everything else will be done using the Augmented Piano. And we're going to be making a Hip-Hop track.

Through the course of the video, we'll try creating a bass and sub; clavinet & electric piano; guitar and percussion; high-hat and lead synth. And in doing so, we'll check out the various customization options that come with the Augmented Piano; including a choice of microphone set up, the settings panel (which features filters, modulation, and envelope shaping), and the FXs panel (which includes impulse response, drive, chorus & phaser, delay & reverb).

Plus we'll look at the additional FXs you can load into the Augmented Piano to add even more customization options.


My debut solo production "All These Things" is not now! It'd be disco-biscuits if you could take a moment to have a listen 😀

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