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Tobisonics Tuesdays Ep5: 3rd March 2020 Waves OVOX Vocoder Vocal Thickening Quick Demo


My first full Tobisonics production of 2020, "All These Things" will be out Friday, March 6th. I'm very excited to share this with all of you! 😀 Help me gain favor with the Spotify Gods & Pre-Save it!


Hello, Kiddies!

Welcome to episode 5 of our weekly Tobisonics Tuesday; my chance to say, "thank you" to each and every one of you for watching and listening!

Today we have a quickie demo of how to create a vocal thickening vocoder FX with Waves OVOX. And we'll be using the vocals and the vocal FX that I used for my new production, "All These Things" which is out this Friday (March 6th).

We'll break down in simple stages how to set-up the Waves OVOX to accept a sidechain (or carrier signal). We'll take a look at how I'm using U-he Diva to create the carrier signal. I also explain how I extracted the midi notes from the vocal melody (using Cubase VariAudio) and used them to trigger U-he Diva. And I'll show you how to set-up a sidechain in Cubase.

We'll also have previews of this week's Fast Noise Thursday, where we'll be using the JST Pixelator and automation to add flavor, texture, and variation to a drum loop. And our Sunday Special this week, which will be an in-depth demo of the UVI Augmented Piano. We'll be producing an entire track with just the Piano. We could have tried for a classical or film soundtrack production, but instead, we'll be going for a Hip-Hop track.

And finally, we'll have an exclusive preview of my upcoming interview with Music of the Future (out this Friday 6th March), where I talk about "All These Things."

You can subscribe to the Music of the Future YouTube Channel Here.

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