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Tobisonics Tuesday Ep4: 25th February 2020 United Plugins Firesonics Firepressor Quick Demo


My first full Tobisonics production of 2020, "All These Things" will be out Friday, March 6th. I'm very excited to share this with all of you! 😀 Help me gain favor with the Spotify Gods & Pre-Save it!


Hello, Kiddies!

Welcome to episode 4 of our weekly Tobisonics Tuesday; my chance to say, "thank you" to each and every one of you for watching and listening!

Today we have a special Tobisonics Tuesday with a quick demo of a brand new plugin, out this very day, the Firesonic Firepressor (via United Plugins). We're going to have a fast 5-minute run through today of the Firepressor's different functions today and then for our Sunday Special we'll do a full in-depth review (Sunday 1st March).

Catch your own demo of the Firepressor.

We've also news of a new feature on Tobisonics: Fast Noise Thursdays. A 3-4 minute rapid slice of production tip and professional noisemaking advice at speed.

This Thursday we'll do looking at a vocal thickening trick using the Eventide Octavox. Check Out the Octavox.

And if that wasn't enough, we'll also have an exclusive preview of an interview I've done with the Music of the Future YouTube channel. I'm talking about the story behind my upcoming single, "All These Things". That's coming up at end of the video.

You can subscribe to the Music of the Future YouTube Channel Here.

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