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Tobisonics Tuesday Ep2 11 February 2020

Hello, Kiddies!

Welcome to our 2nd ever Tobisonics Tuesday. A quick weekly update of all things Tobisonics and a chance for me to thank all of you for watching and listening.

In today's episode, we have an exclusive preview of the freshly mastered version of my upcoming release, "All These Things". You're going to get to hear the 1st verse at the end of the episode!

I'll also be taking you through what's coming up this week on the YouTube channel; including our 1st virtual instrument demo with Sugar Bytes Aparillo. And we'll be using that same demo to find out if we can mix a track using just saturation. We've got the D16 Devastor lined up for the task. How close will we get?

You also get to hear me sing during the Aparillo demo. I am sorry.

A big thank you to everyone who has been listening to my 1st official remix of 2020. Novi's Concrete Jungle just pass 5.5k plays on Spotify! I'm blown away by this number. Crazy.

If you haven't already, take a watch of Magnus' mix breakdown for the bass & drums. Particularly if you're an Ableton user.

And we've got a new playlist coming out in a day or two, "Electric Pop Underground". 2 hours of very cool new electronic music with a little Tobisonics flavor in there too.

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