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Novi "Concrete Jungle (Tobisonics Remix)" Production Breakdown: The Pitch Drop

Hello, Kiddies!

Welcome to Tobisonics - quick, make some noise - for all your professional noisemaking needs. We're back and we've got an official Tobisonics Remix to take a look at. We've teamed up with Internation funk/soul groove-meisters Novi to bring you all a storming alt-electro remix of their stand out track, "Concrete Jungle".

In this video, we're going to be taking a look at how I do the Pitch Drop at the end of the track. We're going straight to the shark! Major Spoiler Alert! If you haven't caught the remix yet, pause the video and grab a listen via the link below.

We're going to be looking at how I pitch drop each of the individual tracks separately; and in doing, use either Soundtoys Little AlterBoy or Cable Guys ShaperBox (with their "Time" plugin) to achieve the pitch drop. We'll take a look at processing for the synth bass, the beat, and vocoder vocals; as well as, the various elements of instrumentation: the "grunty synth", reverse strings, and Lo-Fi Cello.

In doing so, I'll take you through how I automated the various plugins used to create the FXs, including Unfiltered Audio's Sandman and Sandman Pro and Steinberg's Distortion (Cubase Stock Plugin). We'll also take a look at how I added a delay - routed through SoundToy's PanMan - to add movement to the sequence.

Finally, we'll take a look at how simple percussion elements add additional ear candy and scale to the overall effect of the pitch drop.

Have a listen to the official release via all major streaming platforms:


And catch more Novi via their official website & socials:

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