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Newfangled Audio Pendulate Vs Generate : What's the Difference?

Hello, Hello!

It is Tuesday 15th September 2020 and in today's video we're going to be comparing monophonic with polyphonic, mono-chaotic with poly-chaotic; that's right, we're comparing the Pendulate with the Generate; two new virtual instruments from Newfangled Audio.

We already took a look at the Pendulate in action in last Tuesday's video. I built a production from scratch using just the Pendulate (and a drum loop). In order to compare the mono-chaotic Pendulate with the poly-chaotic Generate, I thought it'd be a good idea to take those same midi files and use them to create a production using only the Generate.

In this video, we're going to go through the key difference between the Pendulate and the Generate using examples from the two productions. We'll take a look at the Chaotic Generator, the Wave Folder, the additional modulation options, and various extra FXs that come with the Generator.

For more information about the Newfangled Audio Pendulate & Generator and to pick-up your own free copy of the Pendulate, check out their website


My debut solo production "All These Things" is not now! It'd be disco-biscuits if you could take a moment to have a listen 😃

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