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Sugar Bytes Aparillo Demo - Can You Make a Track?

Hello, Kiddies!

In today's Tobisonics YouTubing, instead of just another demo, we're making a track with Sugar Bytes Aparillo. We've got ourselves a bunch of Cubase loops + virtual instruments and we'll be replacing them with the Aparillo.

We'll be working our way through the various instruments on offer with the Aparillo; bass, brass, synth (lead & pad), string, and percussion. In doing so, we'll test out the various FX parameters available within the Aparillo, including LFOs, Filters, Delays & Reverbs, and an Envelope Filter.

We'll also be working with automating the Aparillo on several of the instruments. And we have a go at using the Aparillo for drums (which it's not really designed for).

As an added bonus, you also get to hear me sing (I'm sorry).

Check out the Aparillo via Sugar Bytes Website.

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