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Is Baby Audio's Spaced Out Too Convoluted To Be a Practical Tool for Adding Width, Depth & Movement?

Hey Sonics!

How is everyone doing? The last few weeks have been nonstop with promotion for my new single "All the Little Things" with Wee Scots Poet. And we've been lucky enough to land on a number of Radio Top 10 lists/charts. A big thank you to everyone who has been listening!

In this week's Tobisonics, we're taking a look at a plugin from the good people at Baby Audio, Spaced Out. And what I want to know is, will Spaced Out give me something different and practical to use, when it comes to width, depth & movement? Or is it just too convoluted to be of any real use?

You can demo Spaced Out for yourself, via the Baby Audio Website:

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