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How I Use Arturia Pigments in my own Productions [Not a Demo]

Hey Sonics!

How is everyone doing this week? I hope you're all enjoying watching/hiding from the football. It's been a week of two halves with the new productions; one production is coming together nicely, will the other is taking a little longer to figure out.

In this week's episode of Tobisonics, we're taking a look at how I use Arturia Pigments in my own Productions. And let me be clear from the get-go, this is not a demo of Arturia Pigments; this is a breakdown of how I like to use Pigments in my own productions.

In this case, we'll be using the example of how I used Arturia Pigments to create the feature lead synth in the second verse of my new single, "All The Little Things".

If you'd like to find out more about Arturia Pigments, you can do so via their website:

If you'd like to hear the production from this week's episode in context, you can check on my new single "All The Little Things" via all the major streaming platforms and Bandcamp:

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