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FireSonic Firemaster (Sonic Exciter) Plugin Demo

Hello, Kiddies!

Welcome to another episode of Tobisonics - quick make some noise - for all your professional noise-making needs. Today we've got a brand new plugin to demo. It's the "Firemaster" from FireSonics (via United Plugins) and it's described as a "sonic exciter" and "finisher" for adding polish to your tracks.

We're going to throw it at some Cubase stock loops. We've got ourselves a funky bassline, some very funky hand percussion (bongos), and a soulful vibraphone. And then because I have no taste we add in an EDM-style dance FX and a percussive hit (or slam).

What becomes clear early on is there's no point using the "Firemaster" one track at a time. It works best when you're using it to blend and contrast tracks together. It proves to be very effective at lifting the bongos above and away from the bassline. It's also very interesting to note how quite small movements can make big differences.

Finally, we have a go at automating the "air" and "color" FXs on the EDM FX - which adds texture and movement to the already energetic FX.


The "Firemaster" is available at a special introductory price for a limited period of time via United Plugins. Catch all the info and download your own 14-day free demo via there website.

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