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Can I Make a Track with the Function Loops Christmas Pack? Part 7: Berzerk Hi-Hats!

Hello, Kiddies,

It's part 7 of our first-ever Tobisonics challenge. The good people at Function Loops gave away a free pack of loops, etc for Christmas and we're having a go at adding some flavor, some texture, some taste.

In part 7 we automate the Hi-Hats to a separate Drum Bus and go a little berzerk with Waves Berzerk. We have a run-through of the various saturation types (characters) in combination with the different parameters to add some crispy, metallic texture to the hats. We then send it through iZotope Vinyl (free Lo-Fi plugin) for some extra flavor. And a/b the berzerk Hi-Hats sent to the drum plate (reverb) or not.

Check Out Function Loops via their website.

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