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Can I Make a Track with the Function Loops Christmas Pack? Part 2: Bass

Hello, Kiddies!

We're back with part 2 of our first Tobisonics Challenge. The good people at Function Loops gave away a free pack of loops, etc for Christmas and we're having a go at adding some flavor, some texture, some taste.

In part 2, we're tackling the bassline. We're gonna be duplicating the bass and using a Fabfilter Pro-Q3 to filter out the highs & mids on one bass track and filter out the lows on the other. Then we'll be using a pair of Waves Abbey Road Redd 37-51 Channel strips to add contrasting flavor and texture to our "High and Low" bass tracks. We'll then bus the two basslines together and control the dynamics with a Fabfilter Pro-MB.

...that's right kiddies, we're going to be doing some 'mixing tips' in this episode of Tobisonics. But fear not! We're still all about the noise-making. We're not turning into yet another "YouTube Mixing Channel". We have enough of those already 😉

Check Out Function Loops via their website:

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