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Arturia REV Plate-140 In-Depth Demo Part 1: Vocals

Hello, Kiddies!

Welcome to Tobisonics - Quick Make Some Noise - For all your professional noisemaking needs. We've got ourselves a demo of Arturia's REV Plate-140 Reverb and I kinda get into something. ..yes, that's right! It's so in-depth demo, it goes on for days. This thing is so long we had to get Peter Jackson to direct. And we had to break it up into parts. In part one, we take a look at how on REV plate performs on vocals. We compare using the wet/dry function on the track itself and sending out to an AUX/FX Channel. We'll take a look at all the REV plate's functions and talk through different ways of managing reverb within your mix.

You can find out more about the REV Plate-140 via Arturia's Website:

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