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What does Waves CLA Epic Give Me that I Don't Already Have?

Hey Sonics!

Happy Tuesdays all around! I hope the week has started well for you all and the days have been kind. In this week's episode, we're taking a look at the Waves CLA Epic.

I want to know if the Waves CLA Epic offers me something that I don't already have with my existing plugins. In order to find out, we're going to put the CLA Epic up against some of the reverb/delay plugins that I already own: the Fabfilter Pro-R, the Valhalla Vintage Verb, and the Eventide Ultra Reverb.

Using the core production elements [bass, drums, vocals, synth] from the chorus of my new single, "Eye of the Storm", we're going to see if I can match the CLA Epic on the individual tracks with the plugins listed above. Finally, we're going to see how the CLA Epic compares, when used across the entire simplified production, to using a variety of plugins.

The results were genuinely surprising.


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