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Using United Plugins Orbitron to Create Width, Depth, Movement, & Analog Texture.

Hey Sonics!

How is everyone doing today? Enjoying the sunshine? The production for my next single is almost done [if Cubase stops crashing long enough to let me finish it]. All I need now are some vocals...

In this week's Tobisonics episode, we're taking a look at how I used the United Plugins Orbitron to create width, depth, movement, and analog texture in my latest single, "All The Little Things" with Wee Scots Poet. We'll take a look at creating depth for a lead synth, texture, and width for an ambient synth; and finally, we'll look at using automation to add additional dynamics and variety with an acid sequencer.

If you'd like to hear this week's episode in context, my new single "All The Little Things" is out now on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp:

And you can demo the United Plugins Orbitron via their website:

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