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United Plugins Royal Compressor Quick Demo! (Tobisonics Tuesday Ep12 April 21 2020)

Hello, Kiddies!

In Today's video, we're going to doing a quick demo of the United Plugins Royal Compressor. We'll be trying it on a stereo bus. We'll go through all the various settings, comparing each as we go - including, input/output, recovery, saturation, wet/dry and the linear phase option.

We'll also have news of what's been happening this week in the world of Tobisonics and, of course, a big thank you to each and every one of you for listening and for watching! You can check out the Royal Compressor for yourself via the United Plugins Website:

My debut solo production "All These Things" is not now! It'd be disco-biscuits if you could take a moment to have a listen 😀

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