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Tobisonics Tuesday Ep3 18 February 2020


My first full Tobisonics production of 2020, "All These Things" will be out Friday, March 6th. I'm very excited to share this with all of you! 😀 Help me gain favor with the Spotify Gods & Pre-Save it!


Hello, Kiddies!

Welcome to our 3rd ever Tobisonics Tuesday. A quick weekly update of all things Tobisonics and a chance for me to thank all of you for watching and listening.

In today's episode, we have an exclusive preview of the freshly mastered version of my upcoming release, "All These Things". You're going to get to hear the 2nd chorus, where things turn a little darker in the song, at the end of the episode! And you get to take a look at the Artwork for the cover too!

I'll also be taking you through what's coming up this week on the YouTube channel; including a demo of one of my favorite virtual instruments, UVI Darklight. And we'll be using that same demo to answer the question that has vexed humans since they first did look upon the stars and wonder. Can you mix using only a De-Esser? We'll be using the DMG Audio Essence for the job. How will it go?

You also get to hear me sing during the Darklight demo. I am sorry.

A big thank you to everyone who has been listening to my 1st official remix of 2020. Novi's Concrete Jungle just pass 7.5k plays on Spotify! Over 5K people have heard it. We've had write-ups and radio play. It's been crazy!

I'm also going to be doing an exclusive production breakdown of "All These Things" for Music of the Future's YouTube channel. But it's not going to be a technical breakdown, it's going to be about the emotional story of the song.

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