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I Tape Slap Steve Maggiora (classically) with Echoboy

I put a classic tape slap on the super talented Steve Maggiora and his vocal from his song, 'Whisky'.

Check out Steve's website!

In this demo, I'll being using Soundtoys Echoboy for our delay effect along with Fabfilter Pro-Q3, Soundtoys Devil Loc Deluxe (Yes, you heard me right) and a Cubase Stock Compressor.

We'll also be looking at creating an extra ducking effect on the delay with a Fabfilter Pro-C2

Those are the plugins I like to use for this effect, but you could use many overs and get great results.

- If you'd like to have a go a mixing Steve's song, 'Whiskey', you can download the multi-tracks via the Produce Like a Pro Academy.


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