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Hyperspace In-Depth Demo Part 1: Walk Through, Drums, Bass & Synth Strings

Hello, Kiddies!

Welcome to Tobisonics - quick make some noise - for all your professional noisemaking needs. And in today's video, we'll be taking an in-depth look at JMG's Hyperspace reverb (via United Plugins).

We'll start by processing a drum loop and as we do, walk through the various functions of the plugin; from the typical reverb controls (such as pre-delay, distance, and width), to the Hyperspace's various emulations, to its more unique features; such as shimmer, resonate, and inertia, and we'll test out its controls that help you to sit the reverb in your mix more precisely (focus, dynamics, etc).

We'll also compare using the Hyperspace on the track itself versus an Aux/FX channel. Once we're done with the drums, and although I'd usually not add reverb to this instrument, we'll take a look at using the Hyperspace to add a little more depth and size to a bass. And we get creative and begin to explore Hyperspace's more exotic controls with a set of synth strings.

You can test-drive your own copy of Hyperspace via the United Plugins website.

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