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DMG Essence Demo : Can You Mix Only Using a De Esser?


My first full Tobisonics production of 2020, "All These Things" will be out Friday, March 6th. I'm very excited to share this with all of you! 😀 Help me gain favor with the Spotify Gods & Pre-Save it!


Hello, Kiddies!

In this Tobisonics YouTubing, we will be demoing the DMG AUDIO Essence and in doing so, we will answer the question that has vexed humans since we first looked upon the stars and wondered ...can you mix using only a De Esser?

We'll take our production mix from the UVI Darklight demo and put the DMG Audio Essence through its paces by using it to manage the lows of a bass, cut lows from guitars and synths, control sustain on a piano hit, add punch and body to drums on a parallel setting, act as a limiter and do some good old fashioned De Essing to tame some percussion.

In doing so, we'll go through the DMG Audio Essence's various controls and parameters - including the advanced options.

You can test-drive your own copy of the DMG Audio Essence for 30 days via their website.

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