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DMG Audio Track Control : A Swiss Army Knife of Track Control. My Favorite Free Plugin

Hello, Hello!

In this week's Tobisonics YouTubing, we're taking a look at my favorite free plugin, DMG Audio Track Control. The DMG Audio track Control is freely available to anyone. You just need to set up an account via their website.

A real swiss army knife for track control, the DMG Audio Track control includes all the tools you'd find on a console channel with additional m/s panning and time compensation as well. I use it for every production.

I thought the best way to demonstrate the DMG Audio Track Control was to open up one of my own productions; and use it work through the various tools included with the Track Control, and in doing so, show you how I use the Track Control as part of my workflow.

At the end of the video, I'll go through my conclusions about the DMG Audio Track Control and why I feel, as a Free Plugin, the Track Control is a no-brainer.


My debut solo production "All These Things" is not now! It'd be disco-biscuits if you could take a moment to have a listen 😃

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