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Arturia REV Plate-140 In-Depth Demo Part 4: Guitar

Hello, Kiddies!

Welcome to Tobisonics - Quick Make Some Noise - For all your professional noisemaking needs. We've got ourselves a demo of Arturia's REV Plate-140 Reverb and I kinda get into something. ..yes, that's right! It's so in-depth demo, it goes on for days. This thing is so long we had to get Peter Jackson to direct. And we had to break it up into parts. Part 4 of our on-going in-depth demo of Arturia's stellar plugin, the REV Plate-140 and we're trying it out on a guitar! We'll be looking at the difference between on the track (wet/dry) and via AUX. And we'll be playing with panning reverb to help achieve size and contrast with the Arturia Plate.

You can find out more about the REV Plate-140 via Arturia's Website:

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