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Clo Sur - While You Think It Over - Tobisonics Remix

Hello, Kiddies!

Today on my Tobisonics YouTubing, we have a change to our regular schedule. Instead of Tobisonics Tuesday, we have my entry for the Clo Sur - While You Think It Over - remix contest via In the Mix.

You can catch the official release here And check out In the Mix via their YouTube Channel.

I had a lot of fun remixing this beautiful song. It took a lot of hard work, care, and attention so I hope you all enjoy it! 😀

Tobisonics Tuesday will be back next week with all the latest going-on in the world of Tobisonics and most important, my chance to thank each and every one of you for listening and for watching.

My debut solo production "All These Things" is not now! It'd be disco-biscuits if you could take a moment to have a listen 😀

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