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Baby Audio Smooth Operator: Practical & Creative or Easy & Lazy?

Hey Sonics!

Happy eh... Tuesday? Yes, I'm running a day late this week. Apologies. I've had a very busy week of promotion for "All The Little Things"; as we enter the final week before its release. The great news is we've already had a really great response from radio stations!

Shout out and thanks, The Warp Factor via Channel One Radio and Revenge FM, Trust The Doc, Exile FM, Artefaktor Radio, RKC Radio, Casimir Engine show via Kinetic 7 FM, Limbo Podcast, and Indie Live Radio for having already played "All The Little Things".

In this week's episode, we're taking a look at a new plugin from Baby Audio, Smooth Operator. And we'll be asking the question, is it a new and different practical and creative tool, or is it simply an easy plugin for mix engineers and producers too lazy to learn how to use EQ and compression properly?

[Spoiler Alert] I love the sidechain option for ducking/controlling reverbs 😁

There will also be a new preview of "All The Little Things" at the end of the episode. If you like what you hear, why not take a moment to pre-save the track. It really helps! Thank you for taking the time.

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