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Arturia REV Plate-140 In-Depth Demo Part 9: Full Track (before/after)

Hello, Kiddies!

Welcome to Tobisonics - Quick Make Some Noise - For all your professional noisemaking needs. We've got ourselves a demo of Arturia's REV Plate-140 Reverb and I kinda get into something. ..yes, that's right! It's so in-depth demo, it goes on for days. This thing is so long we had to get Peter Jackson to direct. And we had to break it up into parts. It's the final part of our epic, in-depth demo of the Arturia REV Plate-140. It's been so long, Peter Jackson has walked off the set and we had to resurrect David Lean to take over directing duties. In this part, we're going to be taking a look at everything we've gone through altogether, both before and after we applied the REV plate and before and after we added the additional automation.

Big thank you to everyone who managed to walk every part. Really appreciate your taking the time! I hope you found it useful!

You can find out more about the REV Plate-140 via Arturia's Website:

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