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Adding Movement, Space, & Ear Candy to Your Productions with Auto-pan

Hey Sonics!

How is everyone doing? Enjoying the summer sun? Apologies for the late upload this week, I've been chasing it all week long. The great news is we made Artefaktor Radio's Top 50 of 2021 so far with my new single "All The Little Things" landing the #41 spot. And the production for the next single is with Wee Scots Poet.

In this week's Tobisonics, we're adding movement to your productions with Auto-Pan. We're going to be using the stock Auto-Pan that comes with Cubase and - to keep things nice and tangible - we'll be breaking open the production for "All The Little Things".

If you'd like to hear this week's episode in context, my new single "All The Little Things" is out now on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp:

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